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Posted: June 10, 2009 in Br@!n Te@$er$
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4 men are buried up to their necks in the ground. They cannot move so can only look forward. Between A and B is a brick wall which cannot be seen through. They all know that between them they are wearing 4 hats, 2 x black and 2 x white, but they do not know what colour they are wearing. In order to avoid being shot one of them must call out to the terorist the colour of their hat. If they get it wrong, everyone will be shot. They are not allowed to talk to each other and have 2 minutes to think.

After 1 minute, one of them calls out.

Question 1: Which one of them calls out?

Question 2: What is the colour of his hat?

This is not a trick question. There are no outside influences nor other ways of communicating. They cannot move and are buried in a straight line. So A & B can only see their respective sides of the wall, C can see B, and D can see B & C.


If anyone can answer mail me.. If not i’ll update later..

  1. Aadya says:

    Arey U didnt replied whether my answer was correct or not…
    C calls out his hat’s color, which is black.
    He can say so because, had his hat being white, D would have easily determine his hat’s color.
    But since D didnt said anything, it was obvious that C was wearing a Black Hat.

    Or is there any other explanation???

  2. SATISH says:

    I believe it is C!

    Question: Which one of them calls out ?

    Answer: C calls out that he is wearing a black hat.

    Question: Why is he 100% certain of the color of his hat ?

    Answer: After a while, C comes to the realization that he must answer. This is because D can’t answer, and neither can A or B. D can see C and B, but can’t determine his own hat color. B can’t see anyone and also can’t determine his own hat color. A is in the same situation as B, where he can’t see anyone and can’t determine his own hat color. Since A, B, and D are silent, that leaves C. C knows he is wearing a black hat because if D saw that both B and C were wearing white hats, then he would have answered. But since D is silent, C knows that he must be wearing a black hat as B (who he can see) is wearing a white hat.

    Following the same logic as B can call out his hat color as white.

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