Be@r Hunter Puzzle

Posted: March 29, 2010 in Br@!n Te@$er$
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A bear hunter sets out from camp and walks one mile south.He sees a bear and is about to shoot it.The bear grabs his gun and eats it.

Then hunter runs away one mile east.He then walks one mile north and gets back to his camp and changes his underwear. What colour was the bear?

But it doesn’t tell you what colour the bear is!

This question may sound weird guys. Even I felt like that. But  just try it out. Coz the answer is completely logical. If u need i can mail u the hint for the answer. For more details about the question mail me. Answer is really interesting. So try it out. All the best.

  1. Kim says:

    Ok the brainteaser is quite puzzling but I’ll give it a try! The man traveled from north to south and then east and back to north from where he started. The only direction he did not traveled is West ! So the answer is : the color of the bear was either black or white ! Just a wild guess!
    Here’s a brainteaser for you , I hope you will enjoy –

    • Kim,

      I appreciate for giving a try. And thanks for giving me a good link.
      Answer for this question is White and the explanation is quite funny but genuinely reasonable. So pls give a try to explain the answer. If u could nt pls lemme know, I ll get back to u for sure 🙂

  2. Kim says:

    Well i said it’s either white or black ! So I’m happy atleast I made a right guess . Now that you’ve told the answer , I think it’s white becuase men usually have white wests! hahaah lol!

  3. Ken says:

    his camp is exactly at the north pole

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