W!ne b@rrels and slaves

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Br@!n Te@$er$, Ju$t Th!nk
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After a long time I came across a good teaser puzzle.

wine barrels

Try this one , keep in mind that you require quite lateral thinking skills to reach the solution.

You have 8 barrels of wine and 3 slaves. One among the 8 barrels of wine is poisoned. One who drinks that poisoned wine will die in 24 hours. All you need to do is, find the poisoned barrel in 24 hours. How would you do it?

This is quite a simple one, but takes time if you miss the track 🙂

  1. bevkufgadha says:

    Represent 8 barrels with binary coding.
    0 000
    1 001
    2 010
    3 011
    4 100
    5 101
    6 110
    7 111

    Now :

    case 1: consider left most bit .The barrels which has left most digit 1 , make a mixture of them and give it to slave A.

    if he dies ,the left most bit for poisnous barrel will be 1 ,otherwise 0.

    Case 2: consider middle bit and same process as in case 1.Result will give middle bit for poisnous barrel.

    Case 3 consider right most bit and same process as in case 1.Result will give right most digit for poisnous barrel.

  2. Partha says:

    Muls, make a venn diagram with three circles representing 3 slaves (S1,S2,S3). Label the barrels A to H. Keep H out of testing. Fill each of the 4 intersections with one alphabet (A-D). You will be left with 3 more which are exclusive for each of the sets. Looking at the way how slaves die, you can easily pick the poisoned barrel 🙂

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