Three Greek Ph!lo$opher$

Posted: August 12, 2012 in Log!c Puzzles, Puzzle$
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Hi all,

Below is a simple logical puzzle which i came across recently. There were 3 Greek philosophers, walking together having a discussion about “Why does anything exist?”.

As they got tired, they decided to take some nap under a tree. Once they r asleep, 3 owls came and dropped shit on each philosophers head and flew away with some noise, which made them all awake.

By seeing other two of them, all philosophers started laughing.  But one smart philosopher stopped laughing abruptly, realizing the fact.

How did he found out?

Sorry if its silly, but i found the answer interesting 🙂

Good Day!

  1. Partha says:

    Muls, He would have sensed the shit on head before others could.?

    • No macha.. Lets label them A, B, and C. Assume A is the most smartest and B is the smarter than C. A will think that if shit is not on his head, B would have realized that, the C is laughing at onlyB, as A is not having shit and B would have stopped laughing.
      But both B and C are laughing which means, they still didn’t realize that shit is on their head also, so he concluded he also have it.

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