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“Too many people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you! Not anymore! Game Over!! ” – Jigsaw

None of us can forget Jigsaw killer. Can we? Test yourself whether you can survive, putting in a situation below.

Yourself “X” and two of your friends “Y” and “Z” are caught by the Jigsaw killer and he wanna play a life challenging Game as usual 🙂

So this is the situation. He made 3 of you stand in a queue facing a wall and you being the first most guy. He shows you all, 5 different caps. 2 Black ones and 3 White ones. He is going to place 3 random caps on you people. “Z” being the last guy in queue, he can see you “X” and “Y”‘s hats color. And Mr.Y can see only your hat color and you cant see any hats.

So the game is, if none of know the color of their own hat, all three will be visited by homicide next day :). Any attempts to communicate between each other is against the rule.

He first ask “Z” after 2 mins time. He says he doesn’t know. Then he asks “Y” after 4 mins, he also doesn’t know. You have 2 more mins before he asks you. If you also couldn’t figure out you all three will be Jigsaw’s victims. 

What would your answer be abiding by the rules? 🙂


Hey guys,

Below one is an interesting puzzle.

There was an old bridge which can balance only 10 Tons. Any vehicle weighing more than 10 tons will collapse the bridge.

A 24-Wheeler Truck was planned to carry wooden logs thru the bridge. And it was made sure that the truck weighs exactly 10 tons.

When the truck crossed halfway a sparrow came and sat on the truck. But still bridge didn’t collapse.

Find the reason why bridge didn’t collapse?



Hey Fellas,

Its been a while. Isn’t it? I have come up with another brain teaser puzzle, which is quite simple if we think right.

Once there was a group of pirates headed by Captain Francis Verney. One night Francis got a question that who among the group would be smart enough to lead the group after he steps down.

So he decided to conduct series of tests, to find the most smart one. As we all know testing the intelligence of pirates is not that simple, as they are clever and rational in nature.

Francis picks up 9 hats, a mix of white hats and black hats. He placed the hats on 9 pirates head and mentioned them that they should not talk and there is at least 1 white hat and black hats count is more than white hats.

Obviously they can’t see their own hat but they can see the color of other 8 hats. If they guess wrong, their head will be blown. Francis gave them 20 mins time to figure out, but no one could.

So he gave another 10 mins. But still everyone kept quite. Finally he gave them 5 mins, and at the end all 9 knows their hat color, and all answered same time.

Think about the logic that pirates used to figure out.


W!ld F!re in your Farm Field

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Hi all,

I came across this brain teaser recently.

Imagine yourself standing in the center of your huge square shaped farm field. Suddenly you feel a mild wind and then you realize one end of your farm got caught with wild fire.

Fire started spreading towards the other end of the farm as the wind glows in that direction.

You are right in the middle of the farm. As the fire is spreading too fast, it is impossible to save your farm, and you should try to save your life.

Obviously the right decision will be to run towards the other end of the farm as fast as you can, but unfortunately fire spreads faster than you think and it will reach you before you can reach the end.

How will you survive?

Interesting isn’t it? Give a try friends!




There was a friends get together event, after a long time. And everyone shake hands with every friend.

If there was total #66 handshakes, find the number of friends met up that evening.

Have a good day!



Hi all,

Below is a simple logical puzzle which i came across recently. There were 3 Greek philosophers, walking together having a discussion about “Why does anything exist?”.

As they got tired, they decided to take some nap under a tree. Once they r asleep, 3 owls came and dropped shit on each philosophers head and flew away with some noise, which made them all awake.

By seeing other two of them, all philosophers started laughing.  But one smart philosopher stopped laughing abruptly, realizing the fact.

How did he found out?

Sorry if its silly, but i found the answer interesting 🙂

Good Day!


After a long time I came across a good teaser puzzle.

wine barrels

Try this one , keep in mind that you require quite lateral thinking skills to reach the solution.

You have 8 barrels of wine and 3 slaves. One among the 8 barrels of wine is poisoned. One who drinks that poisoned wine will die in 24 hours. All you need to do is, find the poisoned barrel in 24 hours. How would you do it?

This is quite a simple one, but takes time if you miss the track 🙂


A new brain teaser!

Imagine there are four employees seated for their dinner.   Each employee is not aware of  the others salaries. And our aim is to find the average salary of all four. And obviously they cant let others know about their salary. So come up with a strategy,  by which they can find their average salary without knowing others salary.

Hi all,

Couple of days ago i came across one interesting question.

This question involves simple analytical trick..

Bring up 8 vertices of a cube in ur mind. Your aim is to make acute  triangles joining vertices. You are allowed to join three vertices to form a triangle. How many such unique acute triangles can we make ??

Come up with ur counts folks.. 🙂

Friends, the one u can see below is a puzzle designed by Google. It almost killed me wen i tried to solve, and unfortunately i could’nt solve. But the answer is pretty interesting. Pls break ur heads to reach the answer :).

A duck, pursued by a fox, escapes to the center of a perfectly circular pond. The fox cannot swim, and the duck cannot take flight from the water (it’s a deficient duck). The fox is four times faster than the duck. Assuming the fox and duck pursue optimum strategies, is it possible for the duck to reach the edge of the pond and fly away without being eaten? If so, how?