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Hey Guys,

We have seen how to change Admin’s password in few mins without any tracks, in my recent post. Now lets see how we can get Admin access in the system without changing his password. The only prerequisite is, the user should have access to the scheduler from cmd. Check this by typing “at” Command in cmd. If  it responds “Access denied” we cant go further. Any other response is a green signal.  Follow the following few steps.

Step 1: Create a Schedule. See ur system time and set schedule after 2 mins to run “cmd.exe

Command “at hh::mm /interactive  “cmd.exe”

Step 2: Before u reach that time, goto task manager(ctrl+shift+esc) and kill “explorer.exe

Step 3: Once u reach that time u ll get a command prompt. Then start explorer with that using Command “explorer.exe

Step 4: Now wat u r seeing is the desktop of “System” user who is equivalent to “root” user in unix.

Enjoy guys..

Note: This post is only for ethical individuals 😉