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Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.”  This is a famous saying by Dion.

Hey guyz this qn is about time & clock.

How many times in a day do both hands of the clock meet ??

Its a simple one.. but pls try to solve without using ur wrist watch 😉

Pls post ur answers along with explanation as comments !! 🙂


Posted: July 30, 2009 in Log!c Puzzles
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Cube2A corporate businessman has two cubes on his office desk.

Every day he arranges both cubes  so that the front faces show the current day of the month.

What numbers are on the faces of the cubes to allow this?Note: You can’t represent the day “7″ with a single cube with a side that says 7 on it.

You have to use both cubes all the time. So the 7th day would be “07″.

Mail me if u hav ny doubt. I will publish the answer asap.