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Me @nd My /-\ndroid

Posted: January 18, 2012 in Android, Tech Stuffz
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After 3 months I am here to blog again :). I was thinking to blog something other than puzzles , and I came up with this idea. Yes its about my experience with my Android.

As we all know Android is the open sourced mobile operating system launched by Google. I was too late to know about Android. After spending some time in searching about it, I decided that my next phone is gonna be running on Android. Though I was not aware of the complete architecture and working of an Android phone, I had a feel that this is something awesome.

I started exploring mobile vendors who support for Android and found that HTC,Samsung, and LG are the leading vendors. After few weeks I came across LG P500 Optimus One which exactly had what I want in an affordable price. It was around Rs 13K when I bought one year back but I felt it was worth it.

Few drawbacks are

  • No front camera
  • Rear camera was just 3mp
  • No shutter
  • No Led flash

It was not a limitation for me as I don’t use camera much. But i was attracted with the RAM (430Mb) and screen resolution (320*480) which no other mid range models had for that price(One year back 🙂 ). HTC Wildfire was running on Eclair(Android 2.1) but P500 was running on Froyo (Android 2.2) and Lg promised for Gingerbread update (Android 2.3.3). So I had a clarity in what I was gonna buy.

Frankly the moment I got it in my hand, I had no idea how to use it. It was my first smart phone with touch technology. I had very vague idea about the working of the phone. Then slowly exploring Google market, trying out different apps, I realized the awesomeness of it.

I liked the SAAS concept, hosting apps in cloud and accessing it as services. That too more than 3 million apps were free and if we liked we can buy the pro version of the same app. This is an awesome way by which provider and consumer get what they want.

Another strength of it is its an open source OS. So any interested developer can contribute to the market by developing his own apps. This is the only reason why android market grows exponentially.

All vendors release their mobile in a way the user has only limited access to it. User wont have complete privilege with the system files. The reason is to prevent novice user from bricking the mobile by changing system files. But if you are an advanced user, you can root it and gain the super user access and do awesome things with the phone by making changes to system files wisely.

Once you root it, you can install custom roms, customize boot loaders, and install few smart apps so that you can remove ads from free apps, underclock cpu to gain more battery, Overclock cpu to gain more performance while gaming, and lots and lots.

If you don’t root your phone, I would say, you don’t have it. But if you are not a techie then don’t risk until you learn what it is all about.

I rooted my froyo and loved it, now I upgraded to 2.3.3 and I have root access on it. Loving my phone everytime i use it.

Truly, no android user will get bored of his phone, if he has interest in exploring new apps,OS tweaks and trying out new things.

I would say if you are not an android user, find your phone and have fun. 🙂

My next posts will be about rooting , partitioning and flashing custom roms for novice users. So keep following 🙂