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Hey Fellas,

Its been a while. Isn’t it? I have come up with another brain teaser puzzle, which is quite simple if we think right.

Once there was a group of pirates headed by Captain Francis Verney. One night Francis got a question that who among the group would be smart enough to lead the group after he steps down.

So he decided to conduct series of tests, to find the most smart one. As we all know testing the intelligence of pirates is not that simple, as they are clever and rational in nature.

Francis picks up 9 hats, a mix of white hats and black hats. He placed the hats on 9 pirates head and mentioned them that they should not talk and there is at least 1 white hat and black hats count is more than white hats.

Obviously they can’t see their own hat but they can see the color of other 8 hats. If they guess wrong, their head will be blown. Francis gave them 20 mins time to figure out, but no one could.

So he gave another 10 mins. But still everyone kept quite. Finally he gave them 5 mins, and at the end all 9 knows their hat color, and all answered same time.

Think about the logic that pirates used to figure out.