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I have’nt seen any movie with 9.4  rating in IMDB. And reviews revealed that movie is quite complicated dealing with dreams and mind. So I was quite curious to watch and  made plans for second show last night.

The movie was quite lengthy as like all other Christopher Nolan movies. But the concept of  Inception that he has used in this movie is the best part. Though its fictional he has given explanation for everything and  made me realize that its real.

His concept is hypothetical but i really appreciate his idea. As usual Zimmer’s scoring was awesome. Personally i liked the movie more than Matrix. I wish everyone should watch this movie atleast once. Coz according to me its worth watching min 5 times.

This sunday me gonna watch again 😉 . Pls dnt share anythng regarding the story to anyone who hav’nt watched.

And guyz post ur comments here to clarify any doubts regarding the story.  🙂 Nolan Rox