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Rooting is the process of getting super user access on your device. When a vendor launches an android smart phone, they customize the stock ROM (Google’s android build ) and install few crappy bloatware which are also called as crapware.

Note: The term ROM here is not the hardware component , Read only Memory. In android terminology ROM refers to the image file of android OS comprising of kernel modules, system files and customized apps. Earlier even I had the misconception of this term.

Why rooting?

  • Everyone hates bloatware coz, they cant be uninstalled, though we don’t use it henceforth wastage of resources. In a rooted device these apps can be removed.
  • You can control your cpu clock speed by overclocking it or underclocking it using setcpu app. Overclocking is of course risky, as we are trying to increase more than the threshold given by manufacturers. But it can improve performance while playing 3D games or during multiprogramming. Underclocking cpu will reduce the voltage use so that you can gain more battery juice.
  • You can perform more OS level hacks and tricks for better day to day usage. For e.g everyone gets annoyed with ads in our apps. A smart app called adsfree for rooted devices, can block ads in you apps. The way it achieves this is very simple. As we all know domain name resolution will be done in /etc/hosts file in linux. Making an entry of “ipaddress hostname” in that file will direct all requests with hostname to the ipaddress specified. This app for each ads puts an entry of “” so that all requests are sent to localhost. So no ads will be displayed. But unfortunately only root users can install this app as only root users have write access in system files.
  • Once rooted we can try flashing different custom ROMS(Google android ROMS in different flavors ) using ROM Manager. Selection of ROM is depending upon nature of the users . Few ROMS are developed for good performance, few for long battery life etc..
  • Few phones which do not have wifi hotspot option can be turned into a portable wifi  hotspot which can cater around 10 devices using wifi tether.
  • Regular backups of system and user apps can be done in a schedule manner for recovery purpose by Titanium Backup.

There are lot more fun being root user. Root your mobile carefully, coz its not strictly legal as in the process we are trying to execute an linux exploit. If that fails you might even brick your mobile turning it into an expensive paperweight  :).

Scaredddd? Even I was scared long back with the same statement 🙂

How to root your device?

Aim of the rooting might be common but not the process of rooting. Rooting process varies depending on your linux version, android build, your device model etc. There are plenty of methods to root includind z4root, Gingerbreak, SuperOneClick etc. But you need to find the right method applicable for your device. Watch closely xda-devlopers-forum and search around other websites to find the right way for your device.

I believe no user will avoid rooting after learning how to root his device :). Root your device soon and have fun 🙂