About me

Hello friends,

This is Murali Krishnan, working as a software engineer in Pegasystems. I’m interested in anything related with computers and smartphones. I have  pretty good problem solving skills since my college days and often I used to solve some lateral thinking puzzles and brain teasers. I assure u that u can see plenty of  good Puzzles and Brain Teasers in my blog. And my other hobbies includes, customizing and tweaking my android device, watching thriller movies and listening music.I hope you all can keep your brains busy by reading my posts.


  1. roshini says:

    hi murali your site is cool. i love it . wow

    please do add more puzzles like the pirate’s one.

  2. peter vargheese says:

    hey why dont u try something new

  3. dorothy says:

    all questions r very good. wishes to do many more puzzles.

  4. Gurunathan says:

    Its really fantastic man….. i like it…
    Add some more puzzle’s…. Always my best wishes..

  5. raghuvaran says:

    gr8 da…its preety good….nice job…

  6. Mithra says:

    its nice… u r really gr8…
    Do more like this…

  7. lavanya says:

    hey the puzzles are very good….u seem to be a very good problem solver…

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